• My diary

    In this section, I am going to tell you my best events.

    18 weeks,
    18 weeks abroad to enjoy, discover a new cutlure and improve my English
    18 weeks of an wonderful experience!

  • Day 1:

    My plane lands. Here I am, Ireland.

    Then I arrive at John and Veronica's house.

    John is working so I am only with Veronica and Corey. They provide me a tour of the house and after we wander. Veronica shows me the Square (it is a huge shopping mall) and the college.

    I play with Corey. He is so cute! He says "Léa" or "Lady" everytime. So sweet!

    I eat pastas with John and Veronica. We present us. John plays guitar. Good feeling!


    Week 1: done!



    Day 2:

    7 o'clock in the morning: Corey is awake and does a lot of noise, but I don't mind, I am tired and I continue to sleep.

    Then, I meet the grand mother, Nana (Veronica's mum). We speak together about France, their family and news while Corey takes a nap. Nana speaks very fast and she has an Irish accent. It is difficult to understand.

    After, I decide to go out and meet Marlène, the other French girl who comes from ESDES. We visit ITT and speak about our first feelings. We are excited to be here but it is very different of our French habits (you can discover them here). The weather is too cold: no rain but a lot of icy wind. Families are too nice and great. Rooms are perfects. The environment is quiet. ITT is very modern and looks like great! There is even Starbuck coffee at ITT.

    I go to Week 1: done! at the Spare to buy something to eat for dinner. It is very difficult and strange because nothing is similar to France. Food is very different: not a lot of vegetables, meats, cans, fishes, cheeses, breads, yogourts... But there are 2 shelves of crisps and crackers.

    I come back home and I meet David and Mégane, two Erasmus who live at home for the first semester. We can speak together. They are very nice.

    After doing a skype with my family and my friends, I go to bed. Good night everybody!


     Day 3:

    Midday, it's time to go to the Spare (thought of my mum who is the only one to understand: no mum, it is not 'hello it's time to wake up') where I have a meeting with Mégane and David. We go together in Dublin Center with tramway which is very expensive (€5.2 for return).

    Then I meet Clémentine (a French friend) and Julie (her roomate). We go to Starbucks coffee, do shopping at a huge and beautiful H&M and Penneys (Primark's name in Ireland) and finally, we visit a little the town. It is shining (but it is cold, like everytime) so it is so cool to take good pictures.

    When I come back home, Corey is very happy to see me. He would like that I read a story for him and we play with all the family. It is a very great moment and I learn news English words.


    Week 1: done!






    Saint Stephen green shopping center

    Dublin center

    Trinity college (one of the oldest and most prestigious university)





    Week 1: done!







    5 floors, high spaces,
    and wonderful chandeliers.

    It looks like Galeries Lafayette
    in Paris.

    Very chic shop, I love it!



    Do you want to see more pictures? Let's go!


     Day 4:

    10 o'clock, I am at ITT. It is my integration day. I go to the room number 023. There are all the Erasmus students, who are going to study for the second semester. We are about 40 from all over the world (Spain, Germany, Mexico, Hollande... and so many French). Tara, International Officer explain us the structure of the organisation, the academic system at ITT, the timetables, the exams... And finally, the can have a test called EFL to determine our English level.

    I eat with Petra (from Holland), Marion, Citlalmina (both are Mexican girls), Marlène and Miguel (a Spanish). It is very crazy to eat with people who are so different. It is interesting to be with them because sometimes, we also speak Spanish.

    Erasmus students look like nice. Everybody is talking, but there are lots of people who don't speak together English but French. Foreign persons speak very well English. I would like to speak like them. I hope so!


     Day 5:

    I go to the college to another meeting with the ITT's staff. I meet new people, very nice. Then, we can take all the timetables and choose which courses we would like to study.  We have to take 6 courses (each 5 ECTS). It's very difficult to do our own timetables with courses clashs. Marlène and I would like to have the same courses in order to help each other during the revision period.

    Some of the Erasmus students want to go out during the night, but I am so tired and I prefer to go home. Maybe tomorrow!


    Day 6:

    It is Saturday and some of Erasmus students propose a free city tour on foot at 2 pm. I'm ready!


    Week 1: done!

    We meet them at the Mercantile, 28 Dame Street in Temple Bar. During 3 hours, we walk around Dublin city center. We visit Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Parliement, Trinity college, Temple Bar, Saint Stephen Green, the Spire and some of famous streets. It is very fun because we can visit Dublin and meet each other.

    We go to a bar at 3 pm. It is crazy because the bar is full. There is a live concert: very nice! Then there is a football match: all Irish people are so crazy when they watch the match in the bar. Finally, we eat together and do a party. Erasmus students from ITT are nice.



    Before going to bed, watch this video. It is in the bar, at 3 pm. Everybody drinks one bear, two bears, three bears... Irish people drink a lot and they are so drunk in the streets from 8 pm. By the way, do you know that the legal limit of alcohol in blood samples for driver people in Ireland is 80 mg/100ml?


    Day 7:

    We are Sunday and all shops are opened, so nice!

    I sleep until 11 am. I have a bath. I cook. I clean up my bedroom. I do my first washing machine, I am so stressed, but everything is okay and my clothes don't move. I go out with Gaetan and we meet Célia and Linnea (other Erasmus student). We walk, do shopping and visit Tallaght.

    I come back home, play with Corey, speak with Veronica about charity shop because she will help me to find a job or a shop where I can be volunteer.

    I do skype with Anthony (my boyfriend) and my family. I book my flights: I will come back in France from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March.

    Even if I wear a jogging, a t-shirt, a pull, socks, I am so cold. Good icy night!

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  • Day 8:

    We are Monday and lessons begin. BUT, in fact, no because I haven't got courses today.

    I am in the room number 016 because Tara can tell us our results of English test. But, there are 2 bad news: she forgot papers at home and English class is cancelled. So with Marlène, we decide to speak with Tara and ask her what is each courses.

    Then, a teacher comes to the room. He has course, but anyway, he decides to give free time to his students and speaks with us. He is very friendly and helpful. He gives us somes advices. But, something shocks us: he always says "fu*king", "oh sh*t". In France, there isn't a teacher who say it. Very strange but funny.

    We could have no courses, so we would like to go to a French lesson. I think it's very interesting to see how students learn French. But... teacher doesn't come and course is cancelled too.

    It's very weird, and we hope that tomorrow it will be different.


    Day 9:

    I am in the room number 107 and I am waiting for a IT course, but... nobody comes (again).

    The next hour, I am sitting on my chair and I listen to my first lesson, in English. It is contemporain European sociology. I like it very much. The teacher speaks slowly and it's very clear. We learn things about Spain, so interesting! Then, Marlène and I come to mass communication, but it is horrible. We don't understand the teacher. There are lots of students and the subject is difficult. So we leave and move to another course called Management. We already learnt some notions in France but, we don't mind, teacher is nice, clear and her lesson is very great.

    But, there are so many differences in course, I am going to do an article about its.

    Today is Fay's birthday (an Erasmus student) so we do a party. It's time to go, see you tomorrow!


    Day 10:

    The party last night was very good, but I have to go to school today. I have Spanish, Marketing and IT lessons. But Spanish is very easy. I chose a course of second year but Irish people don't speak very well Spanish, so the teacher proposed us to switch with a course of year 4. It is easy too, but we don't mind, we can continue to study Spanish because I think it's important.

    Marketing is great. And IT is very cool. We do a power point and we listen to music. At the end of the course, we speak a lot with the teacher.


    ITT Student union


    I decide to join the International society and the badminton club. Trainings are on Tuesdays (2 to 4 pm) and on Fridays (6 to 8) near the college. It's only 3 euros a year for each club (so I pay €6). I like doing sport and I think I will meet other people.
    And International society is a society which organise trips in Ireland. There are lots of Erasmus student. Beside, this evening, there is a party in a pub to get to know each other. So nice!


    Day 11:

    Week 2


    Exam board reviews are taking place today. So classes are cancelled today and tomorrow.

    This morning I sleep and then, I go to the square where I drink a coffee and do shopping with other Erasmus student.

    It is snowing and I am too cold. I hurry up to come back at home!




    Day 12:

    Week 2

    I wake up early because I want to visit Dublin!

    I go to Phoenix park at 707 hectares. It is one of the largest enclosed recreational spaces within any European capital city. It's larger than all of London's city parks pu together and more than twince the area of New York's Central Park. It has been managed as a National Historic Park since 1986.

     I walk and I discover many places:

    - Aras an Uachtarain which is the residence of the President of Ireland from 1750.
    - The United States Ambassador's residence
    - Welligton Testimonial
    - The Papal Cross
    - The Phoenix Monument
    - The Victorian people's flower gardens


    Week 2




    Then, we walk to City center, drink a tea in a bar because we would like to eat somewhere it isn't cold. And we finish the day doing shopping.









    Day 13:

    I wake upat 7am because with some of Erasmus students, we would like to discover the Wicklow moutains. We do a daily tour where we visit Glencree valley, Guiness Lakes, Glendalough, the Vale of Avoca.

    It is too cold (like always) but very nice. Landscapes are beautiful and nice.

    Just a little problem: I am now ill...

    Week 2

    Day 14:

    I am ill. Corey is ill too, so there are lots of microbes at home. I decide to sleep and then, to meet Marlène at Square because... WE WILL GO TO OSLO and we have to organize this trip.

    We book flights and we will travel over there from Thursday 5th of March to Tuesday 10th of March for only €40 in return.

    So exciting I am!

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  • Day 15:

    I have lesson at 10am. I am sitting in the classroom but the teacher comes at 10:20 am. It's a marketing lesson.

    I eat with Marlène and go to the library to plan our trip in Norway.

    When I come back at home, I drink a tea because it's too cold outside and I speak with Veronica. 'Do you know that water in Ireland is free but we just ca drink its in the kitchen?' No, I don't. I always fill my bottle of water in the bathroom since 2 weeks... Ahah

    Day 16:

    Week 3


    I have European sociology lesson and then Management lesson.We can use our computer so it's easier to understand the lesson because I can use a translator and write my lessons quickier. So I can listen to the lecturer.


     I buy my wriband called I love Dublin. It costs €20 and I can go to some Erasmus parties freely. So we do a pre-party with all Erasmus students who study for spring Week 3semester like me, and then we meet Erasmus student of full year. We go to the party in the city center together after waiting for 45 minutes that the bus arrive. We go to The Palace, a disco. This place is very nice and huge. The sound is very hight. My ears are hurt. We decide to come back at home at 2:40 am. We take a taxi but the taxi driver doesn't know the way, and doesn't know driving. It's a little bit weird and scared. But finally, I am in my bed.  




    Day 17:

    Like every Wednesday, I go to to school in the afternoon. Spanish lesson, then Marketing lesson and at the end IT. I am not tired, so it's okay.

    I come back at home and I decide to cook. Bon appétit!

    Day 18:

    I have my first photo's lesson, but it is not how I thought at all. It's a studio and the teacher teach us how can we take nice photos. It's very technical. Interesting but we are in a business school so we can't choose this lesson. So, Marlène and I decide to choose another course: sales and marketing. We come to the classroom but nobody comes. We wait for another course at 4pm, but the teacher is absent too. So during all the day, we are waiting for.

    I book my ticket for a trip: Saturday, with all the international society, we will go to waterford. So nice!

    I discover a new serie called Scandal, so see you tomorrow because I would like to watch some episods.


    Day 19:

    I have no classroom today, so I stay at home with Veronica. We speak a lot. At 5:30 pm, I go to badminton, but... nobody comes. The training is cancelled. I am so boring, I fed up! Bad day... I hope that tomorrow it will be better.


    Day 20:

    With International society, we go to Waterford. We are about 40 Erasmus. We visit Dunmore cave, Altamont gardens, and waterford. It is planned to visit museums in Waterford but with Marlène, we decide to walk around the town to discover its better. So nice, but I think we do too much bus.

    Week 3

    When we come back at Tallaght, we decide to eat together at Mc Donalds and go to a bar to drink something. It is very nice because we are a lot, and we can discover and meet new people who study since September.

    I am tired, I come back at home, but when I arrive, Veronica and John are drinking a bear and they want that I stay with them. We speak a lot, it is very nice and fun ! I like them ! Good atmosphere.

    Day 21:

    I wake up late, have a shower and go with Anna (Tchec girl) and Petter (Finish guy) at Dun Laoghaire, a harbour. It is sunning, the weather is perfect to take pictures. I speak a lot English, I am happy. Finally, we go to a coffee because it is too cold, sound nice!

    Week 3




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  • Day 22:

    I have marketing lesson. Then, I test English class but in addition to my other lessons because I can't take this course and have the exam. ESDES (my school in France) doesn't want because it is a year 4's lesson and I have already Spanish lesson. But I think I won't continue this course because it's very easy and I don't learn anything.

    During the afternoon, Marlène and I cook crepes because last week it was Candlemas. Hummmm, bon appétit!


    Day 23:

    I have class, so I study. Nothing to report.

    Day 24:

    I test Business management. I like it! Students are very nice and speak with us. Lecturer is nice and interresting. She speaks snowly and she asks us so many questions. We can participate during this class. We learn something because we haven't seen theses notions before.

    Day 24:

    I have Business Management at 11 o'clock. Very good lesson but the lecturer comes at 11:38. We study about entreprenership and have an oral presentation. I am so stressed but finally, it is good. 

    For the afternoon, I write articles on this blog, study and watch serie called Scandal. Besides, if you have never seen it, watch it, it's so gooooood!


    Day 25:

    I am happy, I find a job! I have an interview with Sian and it's okay. I will work for WALK WITH ME. It's an association for people with an intellectual Disabilit. I will take care about two teenagers once or twice a week. 

    Week 4The weather is bad, sometimes it's rainning so, I decide to visit Kilmainham prison. Even if major building works being undertaken at Kilmainham Gaol until the end of December 2015, the visit is great. The history of the Easter uprising is only 100 years ago, yet seems longer. Guide is very informational and telling the history some of which is shocking to hear.

    I go to the badminton training. I play a lot. It's fun and I can do sport!

    I come back at home, eat, have a shower and let's go to Jona (German guy) to a pre party and then to Dtwo to Erasmus party for Valentin's day. The pre party is nice but, music at Dtwo is horrible and we come back early with Marlène who sleeps with me.

    John and Veronica are drinking a beer and watch a movie so we speak with them and finally we go to bed.


    Day 26:

    Week 4


    I play a lot with Corey, so cute.

    And then I go to Dublin City Center to watch the rugby match Ireland vs France in a bar called Living room. It's a very famous bar for sport events. Very very very good atmosphere even if France looses.


    Result : Ireland 18 - 11 France.


    We go to Burger King (hum Delicious) and come back.




    Day 27:

    It's Sunday, I stay at home, organize my trips, speak with the family, watch a movie and sleep.


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  • Day 28:

    Week 5

     Week 5











    Marlène, Anna and I go to Killiney (prononciation: 'kill-eye-knee'). We miss the bus stop so we have to ask our way and walk. We arrive to a beach, wonderful. We take some photos, and decide to walk to Dalkey. We discover huge and beautiful houses with a big garden, view on the bay, fountains, swimming pools, volleyball fields, expensive cars... And then, we arrive to Dalkey and its harbour.

    We take the train (DART) to Bray station. We eat on the beach and walk around cliffs for 7 km. Beautiful view. We arrive to Greystones and come back at home.

    So tired I am,but it is an amazing day!


    Day 29:

    Today it's Tuesday pancakes!

    I have my first assessment in European Cultural Sociology. And I book my flight to go to Edinburgh with Marlène from the 5th April to the 8th April. I can't wait.


    Days 30&31:

    It's a normal day with a lot of courses. Nothing to report.


    Day 32:

    No course. Sun is here. Planning: National botanic garden (even if e are in winter, there are some flowers)and shopping at Penneys with Marlène, Nele (German girl) and me. 

    Week 5

    Day 33:

    We (3 French and 4 German) decide to go to Dublin moutains. We walk a lot but there is a panoramic view of Dublin on the top. Then, we go to a pub to drink a coffe because we are frozen and eat a burger. It's nice because there is a live concert.

    Week 5


    Day 34:

    The weather is bad. I just stay at home, speak with my owners, do my homework and watch movies.

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