• Week 5: done!

    Day 28:

    Week 5

     Week 5











    Marlène, Anna and I go to Killiney (prononciation: 'kill-eye-knee'). We miss the bus stop so we have to ask our way and walk. We arrive to a beach, wonderful. We take some photos, and decide to walk to Dalkey. We discover huge and beautiful houses with a big garden, view on the bay, fountains, swimming pools, volleyball fields, expensive cars... And then, we arrive to Dalkey and its harbour.

    We take the train (DART) to Bray station. We eat on the beach and walk around cliffs for 7 km. Beautiful view. We arrive to Greystones and come back at home.

    So tired I am,but it is an amazing day!


    Day 29:

    Today it's Tuesday pancakes!

    I have my first assessment in European Cultural Sociology. And I book my flight to go to Edinburgh with Marlène from the 5th April to the 8th April. I can't wait.


    Days 30&31:

    It's a normal day with a lot of courses. Nothing to report.


    Day 32:

    No course. Sun is here. Planning: National botanic garden (even if e are in winter, there are some flowers)and shopping at Penneys with Marlène, Nele (German girl) and me. 

    Week 5

    Day 33:

    We (3 French and 4 German) decide to go to Dublin moutains. We walk a lot but there is a panoramic view of Dublin on the top. Then, we go to a pub to drink a coffe because we are frozen and eat a burger. It's nice because there is a live concert.

    Week 5


    Day 34:

    The weather is bad. I just stay at home, speak with my owners, do my homework and watch movies.

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