• Day 35 to 38:

    At the beggining of the week, I have lectures. I have my first mark: 66.5%, so it is nice. I do another assessement in Management.

    I haven't got Marketing's lessons because the lecturer is ill.


    Day 39 to 41:

    I come back in France for this week-end. It is great to see my family, boyfriend and friends. I go to ski and spa. I eat Tartiflette and cheese. Huuum. I miss Savoie's food!

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  • Day 42:

    It's time to come back in Ireland. Anthony drives me to the airport, and John drives me from the airport in Ireland to the house. I tell him and Veronica my week end, but I am so tired so I go to bed early.


    Day 43 and 44:

    I go to the college, buy some food and go out a little bit.


    Day 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50:

    OSLOOOOOO WE ARE HERE! I plan all the trip and I am so proud !


    Week 7: done!

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  • Day 50:

    Marlène and I take the plane early in the morning, we arrive in Ireland, go to the college and then, I decide to clean my room and do washing machine. I pu my pictures on my computer and tell to my Irish family my trip.


    Days 51 & 52:

    During these two days, it is the election of the new student union. So, there are 3 teams who try to be elected. They give some candies, cakes, papers because they want that we vote for them. There is music and good atmosphere. 

    But, don't forget lessons! I have a mark in business management: 70% in my essay so I am happy!


    Day 53:

    Week 8


    There is a trip to Kilkenny with the society. I pay only 13€ for the day. We visit a castle, the Kilkenny's beer factory and we walk around Kilkenny town. The factory is very great, and at the end of the visit, we have a beer to test it.

    It is the Saint patrick so, we decide to go to a bar to enjoy our evening.



    Day 54:

    The music was so loud yesterday... I just stay at home, sleep, clean up, watch TV and do homeworks.


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  • Day 55:

    I go to my office to teach French to mental disabilies persons. I have another 'student'. I like to do this work. I feel myself very useful and I can improve my English.

    I go to a pre party in Tramway court, a student accomodation. We are a lot in a little flat and then, we would like to go in the city center to go in a disco but the disco is totally full because of Saint Patrick's day. So we come in another disco with some Erasmus. It is so niiiiice! We come back and decide to do an after party. We don't sleep and the night is never finished.

    Day 56:

    Week 9Week 9








    It is Saint Patrick's day ! We come in the city center to see the parade but there are lots of people so we don't see a lot. I thought Saint Patrick's day will be wonderful but there is just a parade and then people drink everywhere so there are lots of drunk people who are crazy and fight them... I don't like this spirit so I decide to come back and sleeeeep because I am tired. But it was two intensive days that I really liked!


    Week 9


    Day 57:

    Today I have no voice anymore... I go to school, study and sleep again.


    Day 58:

    I go in the city center to see Clémentine, a French friend. We drink a Starbuck and speak a long time.


    Day 59:

    Week 9

    The weather is perfect so it is the occasion to visit. I go to Howth, a harbour with beaches.

    Then, I meet Clémentine and her family and we go to a pub to drink a cider and eat an hamburger. Sounds great !

    Week 9


    Day 60:

    I am sick, again. So I stay at home to rest at the beginning of the afternoon and then I meet Marlène to a park. Relax but nice!

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  • Days 61 to 65:


    I have lessons and I do a party at the week because it is holidays there.


    Days 66 to 69:

    Anthony, my boyfriend is coming. Even if the weather is so bad, we go to Howth, visit the city center and go to pubs. I really enjoy this time because it is nice to see him again, after 1 month. 


    Days 70 to 73:

    As I told you before, I am in holidays so: let's do parties! We decide to do a party on thursday night, we go to the city center but everything is closed because of Good friday which is bank holidays in Ireland. So we come back at Tallaght and continue to enjoy ourselves at the student accomodation. And do it again the day later. 

    But, come on, I have to come back at home and do my suitcase because tomorrow I will be in SCOTLAAAAND ! 

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