• Internship: one of the best human experience in my life

    To achieve my second year at ESDES, I have to do an internship or a work experience. I choose to work for my semester because I don't have a lot of lessons.

    It is a assault course to find a job in Ireland. I want to work only few hours a week in a charity shop because charity shops belong to Irish culture and I think it is a good point in my CV.

    So, I go to St Vincent's, Oxfam, and other charities shops but all of them don't want that I beging right now. I have to fill in lots of papers and send it to the Garda. Then, the Garda will verify that I haven't got a criminal record and I can work with children. The problem is that this process is long (between 4 and 7 months) so I have to find another solution.

    I go to the head of the department of Humanities at school to find someone who can help me. I meet Angela and she gives me the name of Sian, a woman who works for Walk with me. I send her my CV and a letter of application. Few days after, Sian wants to meet me for an interview. The feeling is good and I can work for this association which helps mental disability persons.

    Internship: one of the best human experience in my life

    The office

    So, I go to the office every Monday to have an exchange with Irish teenagers: Joe, Sam and Alan. I speak with them and give them French lessons.  At the begining I was sceptic about this work because it is hard to work with people who are so different. I have to be patient. But finally I love it and I am glad to help them! Alan, Joe and Sam give me a lot in return. I think the best part of this experience is for the last lesson, when Sian (my tutor) and Alan give me a letter to say thank you. So cute! And Joe tells me very beautiful things like "I won't forget both of you. Merci beaucoup!"

    Internship: one of the best human experience in my life


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