• Social rituals

    In this section, I am going to tell you some events, things and facts about social rituals in Ireland.

  • Showers are different and make a lot noise.

    And we CAN'T DRINK WATER in bathroom!

    What is different in Ireland?



    Plugs are different. You need an adaptor.

    What is different in Ireland?


    Food is very different.

    What is different in Ireland?





    In the fridge, John and Veronica have bacon, jam, ham, mayonnaise, milk, eggs, butter, creme, ketchup, chorizo, pizza, chedar, and water.  (upper part)







    While, I have vegetables, eggs, milk, apple juice, butter, yogurts, gorgonzola, brie, bananas, tomato sauce, jam and mozarella. (bottom part)






    Meal times are differents.

    What is different in Ireland?


    Typical menu
    at John & Veronica's house

    7 am: some cereales and toasts with butter

    11 am: some toasts with butter

    1pm: A sandwich with toasts, ham, butter, mayonnaise, chedar with crips.

    4pm: A banana or toasts or crips.

    6pm: dinner composed of pastas with chicken




    Weather is different, and changes very quickly.

    What is different in Ireland?

    1 pm: it is snowing.
    1:30 pm: sun is here.



    On the road, everything is different.

    Irish people drive on the left side. So be carefoul when you want to cross the road, you have to look at right and then left.

    New drivers use the symbols
    "L" that's mean "Learning driver" when they are under 18 and they haven't got their license driver yet.
    "N" that's mean "Novice" when when they just have their license, for 3 years.

    The picture is in the front of cars whereas in France it is on the back.

    What is different in Ireland?What is different in Ireland?








    Time to go to the the restaurants, pubs, shops and nightclubs is different.

    Everything closes very early. You can't order after 9pm in the restaurants. And at 2am, your party in the nightclub is finished.

    But most of the shops are opened on Sundays.




    Food is different.

    Products are different and don't taste as in France, except if you find international brands like Nutella, but it is very expensive!





    Commun transports's costs are different.

    It is soooo expensive! 3.3€ the ticket for each bus. So if you have to change and to take two bus, you have to pay 6.6€. Moreover, if you want to go in the city center, don't use the bus because they stop them each 200 meters. There are more than 80 bus stop from Tallaght to the city center.

    Tramway is as expensive as the bus. Car park costs 12€ for 2hours. There are not a lot of public bikes, and it is not usually to rent a bike like in Paris or Lyon.

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  • Rugby can be considered as the national sport in Ireland. It is very famous and Irish love watch it on the TV in pubs with a beer.


    One of the most famous competition is Six Nations Championship, which is an annual international rugby union competition. Six European teams (England, France, Ireland, Wales, Italy and Scotland), all of them can be a potential winner. In fact, England and Wales are the joint record winners with 26 titles each. 

    Rugby as a national sport


    Moreover, the Six Nations is the successor (since 2010) to the Home Nations champion ship (from 1883 to 1939) and then to Five Nations Championship because France joined the competition since 2010.



    The competition began the 6th of February 2015 and finished the 21st of March 2015 where Irish rygbymen won.

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  • Saint Patrick or patron saint of Ireland is a Scottish evangelist which converts the Irish populate to Christianity in the fifth century. The legend told that he exposed to the king the concept of Sainte Trinity with a shamrock (the emblem of Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day). 


     Saint PatrickSaint Patrick was born in Britain in 385. His real name was Maewyn Sucatt. When he was 16, he was captured and taken to Ireland as a slave and sold to a local landowner named Meliuc. He served as a slave shepherding sheep for six years before escaping and returning to his family. After becoming a cleric, he returned to northern and western Ireland and begins to evangelize at the request of the Pope Celestine. In later life, he served as an ordained bishop and after he becomes to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland. According to the legend after the king’s conversion Saint Patrick hunted all the snakes in the country, it was the symbol of the Irish conversion to Christendom. 


     Saint PatrickNowadays, everybody celebrates the Saint Patrick's day which is during approximately one week but the real day is on the 17th of March and it is a bank holiday. It is celebrated in all Irish cities obviously but also in other countries like in the United States of America. During all the week, there are lots of animations (lights on buildings, concerts…). Saint Patrick’s Day for Irish people is a very happy day, the synonyms of this day are happiness, beers, singing and dancing. The capital is transformed. The green color dominates the city. On the Saint Patrick’s Day people are wearing and making up with the colors of the country (orange, white and green). They wear very funny costumes. At midday, there is a huge parade in the main street where all the countries and activities of the town are represented, like fireman, garda, sports club… After this parade everybody goes to pubs and enjoy. There are people EVERYWHERE, and most of them are so drunk! 


    Saint Patrick

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  • The main habit that I have discovered in Ireland is the charity shop.

    Here, it's very common to give some of your old clothes or things that don't use anymore (clothes, books, jewels, furnitures...) to a charity shop. In France, lots of people do bric-à-brac to earn a little bit money by selling their products, but in Ireland, Irish people just give them. Everybody can go to charity shop and buy what they like but a lower price. Moreover, there are lots of charity events, charity TV programs... Money raised often goes to associations, like for the cancer research or associations for children, or even against famine. I think that one of the most famous charity shop in Dublin is Oxfam.


    Oxfam was founded in Oxford (UK) in 1942. Oxfam is a charitable organization to raise money. This association usually sells mainly used goods donated by members of the public. Because the items for sale were obtained for free, and business costs are low, the items can be sold at competitive prices. The store collects money and send it to help Tanzanian. 

    "Oxfam is a world-wide development organisation that mobilises the power of people against poverty"





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