• Weeks 14, 15 & 16: done!

    Days 90 to 111:

    I write only one article for all these weeks because it is the routine. I go to school, study, come back at home, speak with my owners and during the week-end I go to see my friends, hang out to a nightclub and stay at the student accomodation with them, eating Mc Donald's and Dominos Pizzas (the real student life !).


    But, by the way I have some stories to tell you!

    I did a CA (continuous assessment) in Hospitality Management, but the lecturer lost my paper. I received an e-mail to tell me my mark which was O%. Very confused, I didn't understand and I decided to go to see my lecturer because it was not my fault. After a conversation, my lecturer decided to give me the mark of my second CA (80%) and she cancelled the 0%. It is a weird comportment but it is a good point for me.


    Few days after, I received another e-mail from Elizabeth (Management's teacher) to tell me that my blog (a CA) didn't answer to the subject so she gave me 0% again. I was very hangry because I had already done the same suject in France, in Human Resources and I had a good mark. I asked her an appointment to explain the situation and try to change her opinion. I succeeded and she gave me the average mark (40%) because she told me that if I didn't write anything, I would have 0% as well. I was not happy but I respected her decision. But, at the end of semester, she sent us an email to resume all the mark that we had and for this blog I had 77%. So I really don't understand how teachers give the marks. 


    I had a report and an oral presentation in Management, in group of two. I was with Linda, an Irish student. On the one hand, it was a good experience to work with her to discover how Irish work, but on the other hand, it was horrible because they have a very different method to us. They begin to work just few days before the deadline. The rules to edit a report are not the same. Referencing and bibliography are very important. When you write something in your report, you have to give the reference in the text, just after the idea even if you reformulate it and then, at the end of the report. 

    Irish students aren't used to do presentation. It was so funny because they were shy and not comfortable. They just read the powerpoint which was very basic, they don't look at the audience and don't speak loud.


    The weather is not nice. I can't sleep a lot because of Corey, the child in my family who does a lot of noises from 7am on the morning. So I sometimes want to come back because I miss France, my family, my friends and habits. But few minutes after, I am really happy to be there because it is a wonderful experience!


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