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    European Cultural Sociology:

    This lecture is actually divided in three other lectures: French culture, German culture and Spanish culture. We have a CA each 4 weeks and then, we study another country and its culture. Exams are related to the subject we discussed and to the movie that we saw.

    We study health care, school system, regions, sport, culture, press and current events.



    This lecure is about the 4P, the definition of marketing, Maslow, PESTLE... It is quiet the same subject as we saw the last three semesters. However this is really interesting to see the difference between France and Ireland in marketing, and to discover another approach. We have to do a group project. I am with Marlène and Michal (an Erasmus from Slovaquia). We work on Haribo comapny. I choose a part which is about PESTLE analysis.


    Business Management:

    I  think it is the lesson where we learn the more of notions. She speaks clearly and asks us a lot of questions like "what about France? what do you think?". We have to write 4 essays about 4 notions. No final exam but we have a presentation in group about an entrepreneur. I am with Linda, an Irish and we work about Cara pharmacy.

    The lecture called Elizabeth teachs us some notions in

    • Entrepreneurship (business plans sources of finance, barriers to entrepreneurship, meaning and important of entrepreneurship, support for enterprise, feasibility studies...),
    • Business ethics (definitions, identification of the importance of business ethics, how companies can create an ethical business, the benefits of being an ethical business...)
    • HRM (HR planning, recruitment, selection, training, compensation, performance appraisal, benefits...),
    • Industrial relation (nature of industrial relation and collective bargaining in Ireland, trade unions, employer


    Introduction Information System:

    In this course, we are in a lab and we use Word, Excel and Powerpoint. We learn how to make a good presentation on word and powerpoint and how to use these tools quickier and easier. We also learn some formulas like IF on Excel. It is a different approach than we saw at ESDES for the first semester. The lecturer speaks a lot so it is very interesting to learn IT's words in English.

    We haven't got any final exam. But we have to upload our work on Moodle (like Claroline) each week and we have to make a report/journal. 


    Principes of Hospitality Management:

     This course is a mix between marketing and organisation lessons at ESDES. We learn the nature of management (what managers do, their process, roles, skills and functions), the evolution of management theory the motivations and leadership, the organisation of structure and design and finally the business environment.

    It is not an interactive lesson, we write a lot of things so, we can improve our English. There are assessements and a final exam in May.



    I decide to choose Spanish course because it is important to speak several languages. Even if I am in Ireland and I improve my English, I would like to improve my Spanish too. Lessons are easy for us. The level in grammar is under than the French level but we can review some grammar's points. It is not so bad. And I especially like one of the course because during one hour we translate a text inEnglish but the text is written in Spanish. So we learn a lot of vocabulary and structures. The teacher is very nice!

    We have assessements about Grammar and a final exam which is an interview in Spanish for a job, exactly the same that we did at ESDES for the third semester.


    To know more about the final exams, come on on my diary and the article about the weeks 17 & 18.

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