• If I say ... , what do you tell me?

    Free articleThis is my free article. I am going to try to discover how French people are seen by other nationalities. What are the best adjectives to describe them and their culture?

    To realise a good job with real opinions, I decided to ask some questions to people that I met at the college, in the streets, at the airport wherever I went (you can see all the comments all over the article and a video to resume everything on the bottom of the article). I aslo found some videos on youtube to have more details.

    Thanks to this article, I could speak with so many people. I learnt more about French and France but also about the vision and culture of foreign persons. It's true because I realized that all the old people are the same answer, all the rich people have another one.


    ♣  If I say "an adjective to describe French", what do you tell me?

    RomanticFree articleFree article
    Sexy with their French accent

    Bad faith


    I did a video about French seen by others:

    In this video, you can discover the main stereotypes of French people:

    ♣  If I say "France", what do you tell me?


    Free article

    According to the group of people in the pictures, France is synonym with:

    Eiffel Tower, Paris, Louvre, Montmartre, luxe, perfect, beautiful, elegance, bread, French fries, coffee, croissant, café, ratatouille, crêpe, François Hollande, DSK, Nicolas Sarkozy, French language and 'je suis Charlie', smoke cigarets a lot, topless on the beach, good food.

    I was so suprised because everyone says the same words and adjectives. So to live in France, you have to be at Paris in a café and wear luxury things. wink2


    In this video, you can realize that French people have a lot of tics when they speak:




    ♣  If I say "French author", what do you tell me?

    " I studied l'Etranger written by Albert Camus at school"

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - Le Petit Prince

    Tatiana de Rosnay - Elle s'appelait Sarah

    Muriel Barbery - L'élégance du hérisson

    "I know Patrick Modiano thanks to his Nobel Price in 2015 and Le Clézio in 2008 "

    Andreï Makine - Le testament français

    Molière - l'Avare

    Sartre - l'Être et le Néant

    "I think my favourite book is La fille de papier (Guillaume Musso).
    I remember I read that book on the beach last summer."


    ♣  If I say "French cooking", what do you tell me?

    "French food is the best food that I have ever eaten!"

    Ratatouille, Quiche, Cassoulet, Tartiflette, Crème brulée

    Free articleFree article


    Crêpe, Ham called "bonne maman", Fondue, Wine, Escargot, Saint Jacques



    Free article

    Free article

    Free article



    Bread, Croissant, Cheese like Camembert


     ♣  If I say "French famous singer", what do you tell me?


    Free article: French seen by other nationalities   Free article: French seen by other nationalities"I love Edith Piaf and her charism"
    said Elizabeth.

     "For me, Aznavour! When I was young, my Nana always listened to his songs. Good memories", said John.

     "I don't know a lot of French singers, but I know Carla Bruni thanks to Nicolas Sarkozy", said Owen.





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