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    Passport in one hand, suitcase in the other... Here I stand, in Geneva International Airport, waiting for my flight.

    Weird feeling, to leave everything behind and start all over. Good feeling, though.


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    After 2 hours of flight, my plane lands at Dublin's Airport. I am wainting for 1 hour my suitcases. Walk, walk and walk again to find the bus stop. I am waiting for 1 hour again that my bus comes. At 2:30 pm I am in Tallaght. I take a taxi and I finally arrive at John and Veronica's house.


    The adventure begins!

  • A destination ? Ireland, of course !Hello everybody,                                                         

    First, I am going to present me.

    I am Léa MERLE. During my second year in ESDES
    school of management, I have the opportunity to
    study abroad. I chose Dublin, in Ireland.

    From the 19th of January to the 22nd of May, I will be at ITT Dublin, in Tallaght, a little town near Dublin.

    Thanks to this blog, you can follow me and my wonderful experience.


    A destination ? Ireland, of course !



    But why did I choose ITT Dublin ?

    I had the chance to get know various courtries and I apprecitate their own culture and mentalists. Ireland is a country I have never been to. I went three times to England to do a language course but I would likke to gain an insight into the Irish culture.

    Nowadays, speaking English fluently has become a requirement for most recruiters. That is the reason why I would like to focus my semester abroad on improving my English language skills, as well as meeting people from other cultures and learning new things.

    Moreover, ITT Dublin offers courses that interest me very much and some of them, my business school in France is currently not offering.

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