• Week 9: done!

    Day 55:

    I go to my office to teach French to mental disabilies persons. I have another 'student'. I like to do this work. I feel myself very useful and I can improve my English.

    I go to a pre party in Tramway court, a student accomodation. We are a lot in a little flat and then, we would like to go in the city center to go in a disco but the disco is totally full because of Saint Patrick's day. So we come in another disco with some Erasmus. It is so niiiiice! We come back and decide to do an after party. We don't sleep and the night is never finished.

    Day 56:

    Week 9Week 9








    It is Saint Patrick's day ! We come in the city center to see the parade but there are lots of people so we don't see a lot. I thought Saint Patrick's day will be wonderful but there is just a parade and then people drink everywhere so there are lots of drunk people who are crazy and fight them... I don't like this spirit so I decide to come back and sleeeeep because I am tired. But it was two intensive days that I really liked!


    Week 9


    Day 57:

    Today I have no voice anymore... I go to school, study and sleep again.


    Day 58:

    I go in the city center to see Clémentine, a French friend. We drink a Starbuck and speak a long time.


    Day 59:

    Week 9

    The weather is perfect so it is the occasion to visit. I go to Howth, a harbour with beaches.

    Then, I meet Clémentine and her family and we go to a pub to drink a cider and eat an hamburger. Sounds great !

    Week 9


    Day 60:

    I am sick, again. So I stay at home to rest at the beginning of the afternoon and then I meet Marlène to a park. Relax but nice!

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