• What is different in Ireland?

    Showers are different and make a lot noise.

    And we CAN'T DRINK WATER in bathroom!

    What is different in Ireland?



    Plugs are different. You need an adaptor.

    What is different in Ireland?


    Food is very different.

    What is different in Ireland?





    In the fridge, John and Veronica have bacon, jam, ham, mayonnaise, milk, eggs, butter, creme, ketchup, chorizo, pizza, chedar, and water.  (upper part)







    While, I have vegetables, eggs, milk, apple juice, butter, yogurts, gorgonzola, brie, bananas, tomato sauce, jam and mozarella. (bottom part)






    Meal times are differents.

    What is different in Ireland?


    Typical menu
    at John & Veronica's house

    7 am: some cereales and toasts with butter

    11 am: some toasts with butter

    1pm: A sandwich with toasts, ham, butter, mayonnaise, chedar with crips.

    4pm: A banana or toasts or crips.

    6pm: dinner composed of pastas with chicken




    Weather is different, and changes very quickly.

    What is different in Ireland?

    1 pm: it is snowing.
    1:30 pm: sun is here.



    On the road, everything is different.

    Irish people drive on the left side. So be carefoul when you want to cross the road, you have to look at right and then left.

    New drivers use the symbols
    "L" that's mean "Learning driver" when they are under 18 and they haven't got their license driver yet.
    "N" that's mean "Novice" when when they just have their license, for 3 years.

    The picture is in the front of cars whereas in France it is on the back.

    What is different in Ireland?What is different in Ireland?








    Time to go to the the restaurants, pubs, shops and nightclubs is different.

    Everything closes very early. You can't order after 9pm in the restaurants. And at 2am, your party in the nightclub is finished.

    But most of the shops are opened on Sundays.




    Food is different.

    Products are different and don't taste as in France, except if you find international brands like Nutella, but it is very expensive!





    Commun transports's costs are different.

    It is soooo expensive! 3.3€ the ticket for each bus. So if you have to change and to take two bus, you have to pay 6.6€. Moreover, if you want to go in the city center, don't use the bus because they stop them each 200 meters. There are more than 80 bus stop from Tallaght to the city center.

    Tramway is as expensive as the bus. Car park costs 12€ for 2hours. There are not a lot of public bikes, and it is not usually to rent a bike like in Paris or Lyon.

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