• Welcoming and integration

    Thursday 22nd of January, 10 o'clock:

    I am at ITT. It is my integration day. I go to the room number 023. There are all the Erasmus students, who are going to study for the second semester. We are about 40 from all over the world (Spain, Germany, Mexico, Hollande... and so many French). Tara, International Officer explain us the structure of the organisation, the academic system at ITT, the timetables, the exams... And finally, the can have a test called EFL to determine our English level.

    I eat with Petra (from Holland), Marion, Citlalmina (both are Mexican girls), Marlène and Miguel (a Spanish). It is very crazy to eat with people who are so different. It is interesting to be with them because sometimes, we also speak Spanish.

    Erasmus students look like nice. Everybody is talking, but there are lots of people who don't speak together English but French. Foreign persons speak very well English. I would like to speak like them. I hope so!


    Friday 23rd of January, 10 o'clock:

     I go to the college to another meeting with the ITT's staff. I meet new people, very nice. Then, we can take all the timetables and choose which courses we would like to study.  We have to take 6 courses (each 5 ECTS). It's very difficult to do our own timetables with courses clashs. Marlène and I would like to have the same courses in order to help each other during the revision period.


    Monday 26th of January, 10 o'clock:

    Lessons begin. We have 6 weeks to test courses and choose what courses are the best.

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