• Weeks 10 & 11: done!

    Days 61 to 65:


    I have lessons and I do a party at the week because it is holidays there.


    Days 66 to 69:

    Anthony, my boyfriend is coming. Even if the weather is so bad, we go to Howth, visit the city center and go to pubs. I really enjoy this time because it is nice to see him again, after 1 month. 


    Days 70 to 73:

    As I told you before, I am in holidays so: let's do parties! We decide to do a party on thursday night, we go to the city center but everything is closed because of Good friday which is bank holidays in Ireland. So we come back at Tallaght and continue to enjoy ourselves at the student accomodation. And do it again the day later. 

    But, come on, I have to come back at home and do my suitcase because tomorrow I will be in SCOTLAAAAND ! 

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