• Week 8: done!

    Day 50:

    Marlène and I take the plane early in the morning, we arrive in Ireland, go to the college and then, I decide to clean my room and do washing machine. I pu my pictures on my computer and tell to my Irish family my trip.


    Days 51 & 52:

    During these two days, it is the election of the new student union. So, there are 3 teams who try to be elected. They give some candies, cakes, papers because they want that we vote for them. There is music and good atmosphere. 

    But, don't forget lessons! I have a mark in business management: 70% in my essay so I am happy!


    Day 53:

    Week 8


    There is a trip to Kilkenny with the society. I pay only 13€ for the day. We visit a castle, the Kilkenny's beer factory and we walk around Kilkenny town. The factory is very great, and at the end of the visit, we have a beer to test it.

    It is the Saint patrick so, we decide to go to a bar to enjoy our evening.



    Day 54:

    The music was so loud yesterday... I just stay at home, sleep, clean up, watch TV and do homeworks.


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