• Week 12: done!

    Days 74 to 77:

    Marlène, Nele and I are in Edinburgh, in Scotland. We stay at Auriane's flat (an ESDES student who does her Erasmus at Edinburgh). We visit a lot of famous places like the Castle, Holyrood's Palace, Carthon hill, a volcanoe called Arthur's seat... We come to the beach at Portobello, walk in the typical streets, go to pubs and restaurants. Anyway, we just enjoy the sun!

    Week 12

    We speak a lot English thanks to Nele because she is German so we can't speak French between us.

    We also meet some guys who live in Tallaght, Anna and some other Erasmus. It is nice to see different kind of peple there and enjoy together.

    Week 12

    I like this city very much because buildings and spirits are very different and special. Even if it is beautiful and I don't regret to visit it, I think I can't live there for a long time because the main colour in the city is the grey. So I think it is very sad when it is rainning. But, it is interesting to discover and travel there.

    Week 12


    Days 78 to 81:

    I am still in holidays so I just enjoy it, work, sleep, do shopping, see my friends and hang out, especially on Satruday because it is the last party for Anna, my friend. She will come back at Prague in few days because she has finished her internship here. It is so sad because I really like her. But, anyway, let's enjoy. We are at Tramway court (the student accomodation) and then we will go to the Dicey's, a famous disco in Dublin.

    Week 12Week 12

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