• Local news story in Ireland: Irish water!

    Tap water in the Republic of Ireland until now has been free - but the introduction of charges as an austerity measure is not proving popular. Water meters have been installed since January 2015 and Irish people will have to pay water from April 2015 because if nobody change there will be a shortage of water.


    In April, a family composed of two adults and two children will pay about €280 a year. The first 30 000 litters will be free, in addition to free 21 000 litters thanks to one children (under 18 years old), so a ‘typical family’ could use freely 72 000 litters and then, will pay less than 0.5 cents each litter.

    According a study realised by Irish water in 2013, one person uses about 55 000 litters a year.

    Another example: a household of 3 adults will pay about €380 a year. Look at this video/advertising made by UISCE – IRISH WATER.



    But, of course, there are so many demonstrations because Irish people don't want to pay water!



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