• Irish politic system

    First of all, Ireland is a parliamentary democracy, composed by a President, an Executive branch and a Legislative Branch.


    The current President of Ireland was elected in 2011 and is called Michael D.Higgins. In 2018, there will be new elections and the people can vote for a new President or they can choose to elect him another time, because the mandate is renewable once. He lives in Áras an Uachtaráin in Dublin. The President of Ireland has mainly a ceremonial role but he also composes the legislative branch, called 'Oireachtas’ with the Parliament.

    Irish politic system

    Michael D.Higgins


     By the way, the Parliament is composed of two elected houses.

    The first one is the House of Representatives (Dáil Éireann). It has the power to pass laws and to appoint and replace the Taoiseach (Prime Minister). It meets since 1922 in the Leinster House in Dublin. It has 166 deputies (called Teachta  Dálas).

    The second one is the Senate ( the Seanad Éireann ). It consists of sixty members called Senators who divide into groups supporting and opposing Government business when voting on issues.

    •       11 are nominated by the Taoiseach. 
    •             6 are elected by certain national universities.
    •           43 are elected from special vocational panels of candidates.



    Irish politic system             

    Enda Kenny                                  Joan Burton

    About the Government, it represents the executive power is composed of the Prime Minister (Enda Kenny) who is also called, in Gaelic, the Taoiseach and the Deputy Prime Minister (Joan Bruton) who is called Tánaiste.

    In addition to the Taoiseach, the government is also composed of 15 Ministers.

    All of them are appointed by the President with the approval of or on the nomination of Dáil Éireann.