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    The main habit that I have discovered in Ireland is the charity shop.

    Here, it's very common to give some of your old clothes or things that don't use anymore (clothes, books, jewels, furnitures...) to a charity shop. In France, lots of people do bric-à-brac to earn a little bit money by selling their products, but in Ireland, Irish people just give them. Everybody can go to charity shop and buy what they like but a lower price. Moreover, there are lots of charity events, charity TV programs... Money raised often goes to associations, like for the cancer research or associations for children, or even against famine. I think that one of the most famous charity shop in Dublin is Oxfam.


    Oxfam was founded in Oxford (UK) in 1942. Oxfam is a charitable organization to raise money. This association usually sells mainly used goods donated by members of the public. Because the items for sale were obtained for free, and business costs are low, the items can be sold at competitive prices. The store collects money and send it to help Tanzanian. 

    "Oxfam is a world-wide development organisation that mobilises the power of people against poverty"





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